Sirens Mods (sirens_mods) wrote in sirenscon,
Sirens Mods

Six Days Left to Propose Programming

As a reminder, June 7 is the last day to join a panel that needs panelists or to submit any other programming proposals for papers, panels, workshops, and roundtable discussions.

Please remember that we create the schedule from proposals accepted by the vetting board, so if you have a topic or focus that you'd like to see addressed, make a proposal. This means that we'd like you to bring criticism and appreciation, common knowledge and uncommon perspectives, and topics that are controversial as well as those less so. Your contributions are vital to setting the standard for diverse programming for years to come.

The programming section of the Sirens website has all the information you need to make your proposal; you can also visit the afternoon classes page to propose a more informal, hands-on activity. Questions are always welcome--here or via e-mail to [programming at].
Tags: programming
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