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Sirens Newsletter - Vail Cascade Resort and Spa Special Feature

There's plenty of time to arrange travel to Vail for Sirens--in fact, the best deals on airfare are still a couple of months away. In the meantime, we encourage you to make reservations at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa so that you'll be staying just steps away from the conference with all the freedom of being able to go back to your room at any time. We have an incredible rate of $109 (1-2 people)/$134 (3-4 people) for standard rooms, and when you stay at the Vail Cascade, we get group advantages, including meeting rooms for programs and presentations.

The Vail Cascade just finished a massive $30 million renovation and we wanted to share some of it best features with you. In this first of several special features, we'd like to share some of the beauty of the surrounding area. These pictures were taken last autumn and provide a glimpse of the season's charm and beauty.

Driving to Vail on I-70
This picture was taken on I-70. Those arriving by air will take the interstate nearly all the way from Denver International Airport to Vail.

I-70 side hill view
A view out the car's side window provides a peek at the changes in elevation as you climb into the Rocky Mountains.

A view from a top-floor room. You can see one of many chair lifts between the trees.

Many of the rooms have balconies or patios. Some overlook Gore Creek and the walking path into Lionsgate and Vail Village, between .75-1.3 miles away by foot. This was taken from the patio off the resort's library (and pictures of that are coming soon).

go hiking at the ski shop
There's a gear shop on site where you can acquire equipment for hiking, biking, and skiing.

See you in Vail!
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