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2012 Brainstorming!

Do you need a programming idea? Want to encourage someone else to take on an idea that you don't want? Brainstorming posts are a great place for that! Please feel free to add ideas, to take ideas, and to discuss ideas in this post.

Also, if you're looking for co-presenters, why not place an ad in one--or all--of these places?
Sirens message boards

Here are some ideas from a recent Sirens chat.1

  • A panel of readers discussing satisfying reads (maybe focused as recent reads, recently published, or satisfying retellings)--or what makes a satisfying re-read

  • Female liars in fantasy literature: " seems to me that the lying rogue archetype is one that tends to gravitate to male characters. But not always, and I think there's something interesting there."

  • " thing that interested me in ASOIAF is the parallel stories of Sansa/Arya and how they "disappear" into other identities where male Starks don't."

  • "One of the things I've been thinking about comes from a discussion at lunch at last year's Sirens where several of us tried to come up with female[main character]s who were over the age of 30, or married, or mothers. I think we came up with eight or nine." And: "I think we also talked about how once a woman becomes a mother, the narrative switches to someone else because a mother can't go adventuring, supposedly."

  • "There's also, somewhere, a really meaty topic about classic stories about girls retold by men and how successful, or not, they are."

  • Effects of Disney versions of fairy tales on girls and boys

  • Who is retelling tales, particularly in visual formats

  • "I was just thinking about how retellings change to reflect the teller and the culture. I'd love to see a panel or presentation on that."

  • Retellings as revision of morals, rather than as revisions of story

  • Parenting in fantasy; can you get away with being good and alive?

  • Forced marriage/monster or beast marriage, and variations thereof, as well as opportunities to save oneself in this scenario

  • The recent interest in retelling Greek myth

  • Retelling vs. incorporating; where does something like Where the Mountain Meets the Moon fit in

  • Hollywood jumping on retellings for films/TV

  • Grimm vs. Once Upon a Time

  • Want to grab one of these ideas? Let us know, and we'll cross it out (with no guarantee that someone else won't propose it--just as a note that someone is working on it).

    Have an idea to share? Looking for collaborators? Please leave a comment!

    If you're looking for more programming help, check out the programming tag.

    1. Summarized here, rather than given in detailed form, or the conversation quoted just enough to give you an idea. We've also left out anything specific that it sounded like was already in progress, or could be soon.
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