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Have neat news related to women in fantasy? Leave us a comment with what you're excited about or e-mail it to (hallie @ by April 25, and we'll put it in the May newsletter.

There are 5 days left to register for $165; the last day to register at that rate is April 30.

There are 12 days left to propose programming for Sirens. The deadline is May 7. Information about the 2011 scholarships can be found here or here; you can review programming information on the Sirens website or see our more informal explanations here.

Finally, please check out the last brainstorming post to look for ideas, find collaborators, and offer information to people putting proposals together. There have been some new comments recently!

Questions? Please post them here or write to (help at Questions specifically about programming can also be sent to (programming at
Tags: deadlines, programming, things we're excited about
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