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Scholarships for 2011

As a reminder, proposals are due May 7--just 24 days from today! Please help us spread the word.

Inspired by the daring adventures of women characters and compelled by brilliant works by women authors, Sirens is dedicated to women in fantasy literature. Our conference is part scholarly examination and part networking retreat, and we welcome academics, authors, professionals, educators, librarians, and readers to attend and participate. We also encourage all attendees, regardless of background, to provide perspectives on fantasy books by women, female characters in fantasy works, and how to support women in fantasy literature.

We are pleased to announce two scholarships for excellence in programming for Sirens, starting with the 2011 programming year.

Sirens will award the first scholarship, the Sonnet, for one presentation that focuses on thoughtful analysis of women in fantasy. The winning presentation must focus on fantasy works by women, on the analysis of women in fantasy works, or on topics closely related to women in fantasy. Papers (and lectures, talks, and other informative presentations), focused and analytical panels, and roundtable discussions are eligible for the Sonnet scholarship.

Sirens will award the second scholarship, the Song, for one presentation that best addresses the creation of fantasy works, particularly as it connects to women in fantasy. Workshops, afternoon classes, panels that focus on professional or artistic education, and roundtable discussions that focus on professional or artistic topics are eligible for the Song scholarship.

Entrants must be at least 18 as of the first day of Sirens in 2011 (October 6, 2011), and must propose a presentation for programming through the online submissions system at by May 7, 2011. There are no educational or institutional requirements to be selected as a presenter.

Sirens will contact all presenters with an accepted proposal no
later than June 1, 2011, and provide them with eligibility information.

Sirens staff members (2011 and 2010) are not eligible for either scholarship; however, scholarship winners may become a staff member at a later date, may have been a staff member in 2009 or earlier, or may volunteer for Sirens in any given year. Those who are unsure of their eligibility may inquire at (help at

Information about making a proposal may be found at the Sirens website at A series of posts on the Sirens blog with helpful information for preparing a proposal may be found at

Entrants must submit their proposals online at No mailed or e-mailed proposals will be considered by the vetting board or be eligible for entry. All entries must be original to the presenter(s).

Sirens will award one complimentary registration to the winning presentations for each of the Song scholarship and the Sonnet scholarship. Please note that only one registration is offered for each scholarship; if either scholarship is awarded for a presentation with multiple presenters, the group moderator must designate which of the presenters will receive the registration; if there is no moderator, the person who submitted the proposal must designate which of the presenters will receive the registration.

Should the winning presenter(s) have already registered for Sirens in 2011, the winner(s) may elect to receive a refund on registration, to receive an airport shuttle ticket and a Sirens Supper ticket, or to receive a credit toward one room at the conference hotel.

Neither scholarship is exchangeable for cash, and neither scholarship may be transferred. In the event that the winner of either scholarship refuses the scholarship or is unable to attend Sirens, the scholarship will not be given to another eligible entrant. Each winning presenter is solely responsible for any and all taxes due and payable upon scholarships.

Representatives of Narrate Conferences will review the eligible presentations for factors including but not limited to thoughtful analysis; quality of scholarship; relevance to the call for proposals; educational value for attendees; whether the topic is new to the conference or a necessary expansion upon previously-presented programming; and timeliness and relevance of the topic. Because the scholarships are intended to encourage high-quality programming proposals and recognize exemplary presentations, the judges may, in their sole discretion, decline to award one or both scholarships in any given year. Judging decisions are final and may not be appealed.

This scholarship is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law.

For questions about these scholarships, please write to (help at

Sirens is presented by Narrate Conferences, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating dynamic, innovative educational events. Narrate Conferences' mission is to provide unique interactive opportunities for scholars, students, professionals, and readers to discuss books, television, films, other media, and popular culture. For more information on Narrate Conferences, including its past and future events, purpose, and staff, please visit or write to (info at For more information about Sirens, please visit or write to (help at
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