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15 February 2011 @ 08:34 am
Time to Brainstorm!  
A few folks chatted last weekend about their ideas for programming. Please feel free to use this post to...

1) Give away ideas that you can't use yourself.

2) Adopt topics that you'd like to propose yourself.

3) Seek out co-presenters for proposals (all presentation types except roundtables, which should have only one moderator).

We'll post a roundup next week, if you don't think of something right away. Remember, nearly all programming is presented by Sirens attendees, and we encourage you to take an active role in addressing the idea of "monsters" and women in fantasy.

Have questions? We're happy to help. You can leave them in the comments or send them to (programming at sirensconference.org). You can also write to (help @ sirensconference.org) with general questions.
Rachel M Brownrachelmanija on February 15th, 2011 05:30 pm (UTC)
Indian Mythology
shveta_thakrar and I want to do a panel on Indian (from India, not Native American) myth and folklore. Does anyone have an interest and/or expertise in the subject, and might be interested in doing it with us?

Note: The terms "mythology" and "folklore" are used in the technical sense of "sacred stories" and "knowledge of the people," and not in the colloquial sense of "untruths." The use of those terms is not intended to cast any aspersions on the credence or truth of the ideas and beliefs. Many of these stories are part of living religious traditions, and are respected as such.

If you discuss this proposed panel outside of this group, please repeat this note when you do so.