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Sirens Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1 (January 2009)

This is the official newsletter for Sirens, a conference dedicated to women in fantasy literature. The newsletter is published once a month to the Sirens forums, mailing list, LiveJournal, Facebook, and Myspace. Between regular editions, the Sirens LiveJournal also hosts special updates, in-depth information posts, and helpful hints for traveling, registering, and getting involved with programming. This newsletter is part of the Sirens website and is not presented under a cut on LiveJournal. Once a month, you'll have a longer post on your LiveJournal friends list. For alternatives, please click here.

Volume 1, Issue 1
January 2009

Latest News
Keep an eye out toward the end of the month for information on our guests of honor. We're very excited--and we think the news will be worth the wait!

Get Connected
Welcome to Sirens! You probably have a strong interest in women in fantasy literature as both authors and characters, from the perspective of a longtime reader, a scholar, or a publishing or other creative professional. You probably read a lot, and you know great books to recommend. We want you to connect with others who are interested in the same things. We have a variety of ways for you to get involved and meet people who might be going to Sirens. On LiveJournal, we have an off-topic journal that anyone may comment on (you must be a member to post). You can also join our Facebook, MySpace, mailing list, and message boards here.

Most volunteer work for Sirens will happen next October, but in the meantime, we do have some projects you can work on from the comfort of your computer--and we always appreciate having volunteers, who help make the conference run smoothly. To volunteer, please fill out the intake form and continue on to join the volunteers group with the same e-mail address you used on the form. It may take a bit before you're added to the group, but once you are, you can volunteer your time to short- and long-term projects, get news about the conference, and find out about volunteering during Sirens. Thank you very much for your help!

Show Your Colors
If you can't volunteer time, can you volunteer online space? Part of making Sirens happen is spreading the word, and if you can post a link or use a graphic to help let others know about the conference, we'd be incredibly grateful. We have a variety of icons, desktops, buttons, and banners that you can use on your blog, website, signature, or even with your instant messenger program. Here's a sample:

Download these and more in the Support section of the Sirens website. And even if you don’t have a place to host a button or a banner, please do let your friends and families know about our newest event!

Favorite Books
Have a favorite to recommend? Share it--or get a recommendation--right here!

It's never too early to think about presenting at Sirens. You have about three months to prepare your essay, roundtable, panel, or workshop for consideration. Take a look at the Programming section of the Sirens website so that everything you'll need can be turned in by the deadline of April 12, 2009. If you're interested in leading a class or demonstration in the "warrior arts," be sure to find out more about afternoon classes, too.

Vail Cascade Resort and Spa
The Vail Cascade Resort and Spa, a AAA Four-Diamond hotel, is one of Vail's premier venues, and we're very excited to host Sirens at this location. The friendly staff looks forward to having Sirens as much as we're looking forward to a newly remodeled pool area, the pillow-topped mattresses, the views of the Rocky Mountains, the discounted spa services, the cozy fireside lounge, and the wired in-room high speed internet. The Vail Cascade has extended us an amazing room rate of $109 for 1-2 people and $134 for 3-4 people per room per night, not including tax and resort fee. Reserving and paying for a resort room is a little different from the usual hotel reservation process, so be sure to reserve your room early, and see our hotel information page for rules and restrictions. And don't forget to check out the photo gallery for a preview!

Quick Links
The Sirens Website and Tell a Friend Link
Become a Supporter
Read the FAQ

For More Information
Please feel free to contact us at help[AT]sirensconference[DOT]org. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

See you in Vail!
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