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30 December 2008 @ 06:39 pm
If scrolling is scary...  
Coming soon--the first edition of the Sirens newsletter! The LiveJournal version of the newsletter is our favorite because it can include all of the odds and ends and bells and whistles that don't always work on our other news outlets. Because it's part of the Sirens main site, we don't generally put the newsletter behind a cut. This means you'll have a longer entry on your friends list once a month. (When we post special features, we do use a cut tag for entries over a paragraph or two in most cases.)

We know that some people really, really hate scrolling for any reason. If this is you, here are some alternate options for keeping up with the latest news about Sirens.

1) You can adjust your community settings. On our profile page, you can use the options in the upper right-hand corner to join the community. Then, stop watching the community, and track it instead. You'll have options for receiving notices anytime there's something new in the community. There is more information about this here.

2) You can join and watch one of our other news outlets. We have a Facebook, a Twitter, and a mailing list, for announcements delivered directly to your inbox. Though these options won't have the full range of information we include here--programming topic suggestions and proposal help, news about special programs, deadline reminders, and so on--and there's usually a delay before we can update these sites, you'll still get the newsletters.

3) You can make an account on our message boards, and then subscribe to the announcements forum. We post the newsletters here, as well as some of the most important other announcements. You can set your account to e-mail you when a new topic is posted. (And do feel free to join up here--we usually have very active message boards in the months leading to the conference!)

If you need any help choosing a news option, please let me know--and Happy New Year!
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